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Restrictions Of Getting A Permanent Residence Permit Are Relaxed!

Restrictions of getting a permanent residence permit are relaxed!

Imagine your future life in China: working like a native Chinese without worrying about visas and work permits; receiving Chinese social insurance benefits like a Chinese citizen; staying with your family as long as you like…

Well, though it was once impossible, it is easier to make it possible! Yes. Getting a Permanent Residence Permit is no longer a dream!

To make your life easier in China, AnyHelper is now working with the Shanghai Entry and Exit Administration to provide permanent residence permit applications for you. In this article, AnyHelper would guide your through the steps of getting a permanent residence permit.


What is a Permanent Residence Permit?

The permanent residence permit is a legal identity document for foreigners who have obtained permanent residence status in China and it is valid for ten years.

It’s not an easy process to apply for permanent residency in China. In fact, the requirements and conditions of applying for a Permanent Residence Permit vary according to the following categories:

  1. Special talents
  2. Couple reunion
  3. Senior / Professional staff
  4. Investors
  5. Parent-children reunion
  6. Kinship support
  7. Working staff
  8. Overseas Chinese with Ph.D. degrees
  9. Overseas Chinese working in “Double Zones” and “Double Innovation” areas
  10.  High-level talents

Notice: you can only apply for permanent residency in the above conditions.


What are the benefits?

  • In addition to political rights and other special rights, you will share the same rights and assume the same obligations as Chinese citizens;
  • There is no limit to the period of stay in China. You can enter and leave China with a valid passport and a Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Permit without applying for a visa;
  • Exemption from the “Foreigner Employment Permit” when you are working in China;
  • You can start a foreign-invested company by means of technology shares or investment, and can make direct investment in China with the legally obtained RMB;
  • If you invest in China and set up a foreign-invested enterprise, the departments of development, reform, commerce, industry and commerce, foreign exchange, etc. will simplify the approval procedures in accordance with the relevant regulations on foreign investment management to improve efficiency;
  • You can participate in any kinds of the qualification examination and as required;
  • Your children receive the same education as Chinese children and will not be charged fees other than those prescribed by the state;
  • You can use the “Foreigner Permanent Residence Permit” as a valid identity document to apply for social insurance. Those who are employed in China shall participate in various social insurances in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Social Insurance Law of the People’s Republic of China;
  • You can deposit and use the housing provident fund at the workplace according to the Regulations on Housing Provident Fund Management. When you leave the area, you can apply for the withdrawal or transfer of the housing provident fund;
  • When you buy a house, you are not subject to restrictions of one year’s working or studying experience;
  • When handling banking, insurance, securities and futures financial affairs in China, you can use the Permanent Residence Permit as a certificate of identity and enjoy the same rights and obligations of Chinese citizens;
  • The income you obtain in the country can be exchanged for foreign exchange and remitted abroad after paying taxes according to law;
  • You will enjoy the same treatment as Chinese citizens in applying for a motor vehicle driving license and handling motor vehicle registration.


Steps you need to follow

  1. Check your eligibility based on the info above and see what conditions you meet.
  2. Prepare for the required documents.
  3. Contact AnyHelper’s consultants via phone or WeChat for assistance.
  4. We will take care of the remaining procedures for you.
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