Entrepreneurship visa

The entrepreneurship visa is a visa for foreign graduates and entrepreneurs who plan to start a business in Shanghai.

If you meet one of the conditions:

  • Foreign graduates from famous universities in China and abroad (top 300 in the world) graduated less than two years and plan to innovate and start new businesses in Shanghai.
  • Foreign graduates from universities in China, and are willing to start new businesses in Shanghai
  • Foreigners who planning to invest or start new businesses in Shanghai.


  • Confirm the type of visa
  • Prepare and improve materials
  • Review materials and take entrepreneurship training
  • Submit materials to government agencies
  • After 7 working days, go to the Exit and Entry Administration to get your visa.


  • A valid copy of passport and visa
  • 2-inch white background photo
  • Health certificate within half a year
  • Original and copy of the temporary accommodation registration form
  • Original and copy of academic credentials
  • Business plan
  • personal statement
  • Incubator certificate
After the application materials are complete, the process will be within 7 working days.