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Difference between Entrepreneur Visa and Work Visa

As foreign friends’ best troubleshooter in China, we’ve been frequently asked about the differences between entrepreneur visa and work visa.

The following contents intend to help you figure it out  from 6 aspects.

Entrepreneur visa is one kind of S visa, and also a New Type of Visa which was released in August 2018, mostly targeting into young graduates from top universities within two years, who want to start their own business in China. For those students who can’t get a work permit, entrepreneur visa is the best and the only option for them. Applying for an entrepreneur visa only takes 7 working days and you will get a residence permit.Work visa, namely Z visa, is for people who have got a job or  want to register a company. Normally they have to hold a bachelor degree at least and two years of work experience. If you don’t have work experience, then check the scoring system, see if you can get 60 points. Then if you hold degree above bachelor, we can help you get a work permit. Applying for a work visa normally takes a month and it’s more complex than an entrepreneur visa.

1. Standards

Entrepreneur visa:

If you reach one of the following criteria, you can apply for entrepreneur visa:

1.You are a fresh graduate (after July 2018) and graduated form Chinese universities;

2.You have the proof of investing in a business;

3.You have graduated within 2 years and your university is on the list, namely top 300 in the world and top 100 in China.

Application Location: Only in Shanghai

Work visa:

If you reach one of the following standards, you can apply for work visa:

1.Hold bachelor degree and have 2 years of work experience;

2.Hold master degree and graduated from universities in China within 1 year; (NEW RULE)

3.Hold bachelor degree and graduated from top universities in Shanghai within 1 year. (NEW RULE)

3.Native speaker, hold a bachelor degree and you have language certificated related to teaching (like TEFL in China, NOT TEFL), or your major is related to language and teaching ;

4.You want to register a company and are able to transfer 60,000 RMB to the company’s bank account;

5.Hold professional certificates and 2 years of work experience;

6.Get 60 points in the scoring system. (we can send you the form to count the scores)

Application Location: Mainland China and oversea Chinese embassy.

2. Duration

The duration for entrepreneur visa is normally from 6 months to 1 year at a time, and you can hold it for a maximum of 2 years during which we need to renew it for you.The duration for work visa is normally 1 year and needs to be renewed each year 1 month before the expiry date.

3. Documents Required

Entrepreneur visa:

1. Foreigner’s valid passport/Visa

2. The latest Registration Form Of Temporary Residence

3. Three 2-inch photos (3.5CM×4.5CM)

4. The original medical examination form

5. The highest degree certificate

6. Personal statement

7. Business plan (in both Chinese and English)

8. Incubator certificate

Work visa:

1. Applicant’s valid passport/Visa

2. Registration form of temporary residence

3. Three 2-inch photos (3.5CM×4.5CM)

4. The original medical examination form

5. Degree /professional certificate of the applicant

6. Proof of two years of relevant work experience

7.Proof of non-criminal record issued by the applicant’s home country or  the country of long-term residence

8. Passport/ID card of the owner of the company

9. Labor Contract

10. Business license

4. Procedure

Entrepreneur visa:

1. Prepare required documents and have it checked (if you have reserved our service, we’ll help)

2. Submit required documents

3. Wait for 7 working days

4. Pick up the passport with entrepreneur visa

Work visa:

1. Prepare required documents and have it checked (if you have reserved our service, we’ll help)

2. Submit required documents

3. Apply for the work permit

4. Apply for the residence permit

5. Pick up the passport with work visa

5. Fee

Entrepreneur visa:

The original price is 8700 RMB for visa service fee. Now if you reserve our service ASAP, we can offer you 30% off, which makes it only cost 6090 RMB for service.

Work visa:

The original price is 6000 RMB for visa service. Now if you reserve our service ASAP, we can offer you 30% off, which makes it only cost 4200 RMB for service.

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