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How Can A Foreigner Register A Company In China?

How can a foreigner register a company in China?

With an increasing number of foreign entrepreneurs seizing opportunities to start new businesses in China, it can be a difficult task for them to register a company in the country. What kinds of documents do they need? What are the procedures to go through? AnyVisa(now VisaOfChina) provides company services to foreign or joint ventures, including company registration, accounting, office leasing, and address registration. We hope this article can clarify some of your questions.
Who are eligible?
  1. Targeting: Foreigners who want to start their own businesses in China. (Degree or work experience not required.)
  2. Processing time: 3-6 months


  • Passport info page of the legal representative, supervisor, and shareholders
  • 10 company names in Chinese
  • Detailed business scope
  1. Fill out the information form
  2. Sign required documents
  3. Registration address checking
  4. Company name and business scope checking
  5. Submit passport for checking
  6. Receive business license and chops
  7. Open bank account
  8. Register at the tax bureau
  • Degree or work experience not required.
  • Registered addresses in Shanghai downtown areas: Xuhui (SJTU Science Park), Changning, Minhang districts and Free Trade Zone
  • Accounting services: annual review and report
  • Office locations: Xuhui, Pudong, Jingan, and other major Shanghai districts
If the applicant is currently in China, the supervisor and shareholders of the company don’t have to be in China, but they need to have been in China before.
If you need any help in company registration or other visa services, feel free to contact AnyVisa(now VisaOfChina)team.
Senior visa consultant Alisa: 13122519301
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